Twentieth anniversary year of the world competition Miss-Mister Deaf World & Europe & Asia 2024 will take place  will take place in the Czech Republic from 25.November 2024 to 3.December 2024 And final evening will take place on 23. November 2024 from 7:30 p.m. in the capital city of Prague.


The application for the world competition and all other information can be downloaded from this website page for the world competition.

Application for the world competition and all other prescribed photos and other documents must send the documents no later than 1.August 2024 to this e-mail address below organizer. Email:josef@missdeafworld2011-2020.com

All written communications surrounding the Miss-Mister Deaf World & Europe & Asia 2024 is only possible only through this e-mail of the organizer of the world competition.

E-mail: josef@missdeafworld2011-2020.com

All detailed information about the world competition can also be found on Facebook under name Josef Uhlíř or Facebook group

Josef Uhlíř organizer and president world the competition

Miss-Mister Deaf World and Europe and Asia 2024

E-mail: josef@missdeafworld2011-2020.com

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